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Wind and solar power as sources of electricity

It is a well known fact that wind and solar power are alternatives means of energy. People understand that these two forms of energies can be utilized in generating electricity that will power our homes. Before, people only acknowledge the fact that the sun is just the alternative means but nowadays, people recognize that wind too can provide and can be a source of energy. This is why a number of households resort to both wind and solar power as options to the electricity which they get from utility companies.

With the continuous advancement in technology also comes the availability and accessibility of wind and solar power to be utilized in powering homes and households. The methods or ways on how these energies can be generated as well have improved and developed a lot that it makes the process of wind and solar power generation reliable.

Wind and Solar power comes with its advantages and disadvantages. However, there are more reasons to actually resort to this forms of renewable energy than not to get them at all. Some of the disadvantages include the fact that solar cells or panels can be quite costly and that wind and solar power can't be stable when the source of energy is not there - meaning if the sun is not shining or if the wind is not blowing.

The advantageous are truly beneficial. One good advantage is the fact that this type of energy is unlimited meaning the sun will always shine every day just the same as the wind will continue to blow. Thus, source will always be available and it will not deplete. Another good reason to resort to wind and solar power is the fact that it does not harm the environment. These forms of energy do not cause any pollution and thus are means of energy which are environmental friendly and help preserve the planet. Wind turbines are very inexpensive and simple to build and solar panels do not require much maintenance. A good thing too is that excess power that you are able to store can then be sold to suppliers of electricity.

As you can see, the benefits that come with wind and solar power truly outweigh the disadvantages. What it ultimately means to you is that you no longer will have to do with monthly bills on electricity with is very costly. This translates to hundreds of dollars worth of savings in months and thousands in a year.

by S. C.
07 april 2009, Food & Fun > Nature