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Naked, but not by chance. No fear for an unveiled body

During the summer rises the attention for naturism. It is completely rightful in those places where it is routine. All the same, each year reports rain down

Licata, 1800

The naked is in the spotlight, especially during the summer. According to the AneiI, the Italian naturism and ecology association, “naturism is a lifestyle which is in harmony with nature, characterized by the use of the shared nakedness, in order to promote the respect for itself, for others and for the environment”.

Someone of our readers could be disconcert, some other puzzled, and some other satisfied for the attention we decided to pay to such a controversial but such a scarcely debated subject.

Naturism is a phenomenon that can not be ignored since that every summer grows the attention toward this custom based on a harmonious relationship with nature. As a matter of fact, living nudity without shames is not reprehensible but, on the contrary, it is a conquer for our culture.

For instance, the Lombardy sections of nudist associations move bills in the Italian parliament for discipline the phenomenon without prejudice and reticence. According to them, naturism is a harmonic lifestyle that opposes the negative aspects of our culture. Hence, how supports naturism ideally fights for a better life quality. It is not a return to the past or a renounce to the conquests of modernity.

For these reasons, the naturist movement from over a century has been promoter of many pro-environment campaigns. Its goal is the defense of humankind from consumerism-based life styles; all the same, the typical profile of the naturist doesn’t coincide with the naturism philosophy.

Some nudists, that escape any membership and are sometimes just driven by fashion, are very far from the original and historical spirit of such associations.
This is the case a recent kind of naturist tourism that debased the deep sense of nakedness as the naturalness of some acts open to a “normality” condition.

However, this fashion nudism is a limited phenomenon that that doesn’t harm the image of the sane and good one. Living its own nakedness as a spontaneous act, without any pettiness, typical of our society, is the right spirit; all the same, sometimes it is difficult to manifest.

by T N
03 august 2009, Food & Fun > Nature