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Stop with the old-kind tasters. It is now the moment for sensory certainly

The ancient and mythological figure of the solitary taster is no longer reasonable, according to the Taster Study Center. Nowadays the food industry requires true professional people. According to a recent survey, with 120 tasters it is now possible to get a 96% reliability of the results

Data collected by the Taster Study Center are clear: the food industry requires more and more the work of the sensorysts. Then, goodbye to the old lonely tasters whirling the wine glass under their nose and giving not-verifiable opinions.

According to Luigi Odello, chairman of the Taster Study Center of Brescia, Italy, and full professor of Sensory analysis in different Italian and foreign Universities, “the food industries don’t look for sensorial wizards. They just look for professional people able to develop new products or to check the quality of the existing ones in a rational way.”

This is the battlefield of the companies that offer services of sensory analysis: granting a high degree of reliability in the sensory assessments. According to Odello, “much has been done in these last years. In a recent test, performed on 120 tasters on 12 different products, we got a reliability level of the 96%”.

Luigi Odello

“It is not necessary to have an extraordinary smell or taste, but it is necessary to be properly trained and concentrated”. Moreover, the panel leader has to understand the psychology of his tasters and to make the best of them, besides being obviously able to elaborate and interpret the sensory data.

Finally, according to Odello, “it is necessary to debunk the myth of super-noses or of the wizards of tasting. The industries don’t look for supermen or stakanovite tasters but simply endless-trained professional people”.

by S. C.
04 october 2010, Food & Fun > Tastes