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South County Rhode Island is awash in history

The state's history begins with Roger Williams who staked his claim in North Kingstown with Richard Smith and Edward Wilcox after fleeing the Massachusetts colony

S. C.

Wine festival in Kefalonia

Wine making on Kefalonia has featured heavily for thousands of years in the island’s history

Ernesto Vania

People on vacation to the U.S. gain about eight pounds

A new study helps confirm that the United States has an environment which tends to cause obesity more than when visiting any other countries


Tourism in India desert

Rajasthan is one such tourist destination of India which requires no introduction. It’s rich cultural heritage and royal charm is known across the globe

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To discover U.S. National Parks

Traveling within America can be cheap and budget friendly with low price


Tourists love the Italian wines

Two researches by the Enoteca Italiana and the Assoenologi associations show a positive picture for the tourist image of the Italian wines but a negative one for the consumption and the sales. The wine tasting courses are in great demand and the 80% of applications came from foreigners

Ernesto Vania

Useful tips on transporting animals, food imports and other issues during summer

There are some travel considerations that we should be aware of such as travelling with a pet, thinking of importing non-EU food products into the EU or resolving travel disputes with an operator

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Taste wine with iPhone

A guide for the Temecula area, named “Temeku" which translates to “where the sun shines through the mist”

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