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Eurochocolate… Italian? No, Swiss!

The great chocolate event arrives in Switzerland, from 26 through 29 March 2009, with “More Chocolate”… There’s a desire for more chocolate

S. C.

Bed & Breakfast Italian style: the taste of cozy atmosphere

How an Italian B&B could be seen as different from others in Europe or outside Europe? Style and Fashion are things that have always distinguished Italian culture from long time

Daniele Bordoni, Silvia Ruggieri

Country holidays with wine and food: ten good reasons for visiting Italy

Rural areas are not only keepers of the true Italian traditions in produce and food, but also an authentic reflection of what it means to be Italian

Stefano Tesi

Olio Capitale 2009, an expected event because not all olive oils are the same

In Trieste, 6-9 March, the third edition of that prestigious salon reserved for the very best in typical and quality olive oils. Welcome all gourmet enthusiasts and buyers, to discover the many facets of extravirgin olive oil


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