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Italy, the thousand colours of rural tourism

The crisis we are facing – declared the Minister of food, forest and agricultural policies Luca Zaia – clearly shows us that we must defend agriculture and its values not only the economic ones. The agriculture of our Country has solid bases, the national Atlas counts more than 4500 typical products, and on the work of our farmers, caretakers of the tradition and identity of our products, virtue of the made in Italy in the world."

It is the landscaped and environmental specificities of the single territories that give to the Italian products unique taste and qualities, characteristics that make them appreciated all over the world. Specificities that are those tourist attractions that all the World envies us and that make a trip in Italy more than just a historic one; it becomes a journey to the discovery of all the sublime foods and gastronomic traditions that this country can offer.

The wine&food tourism is one of the growing tourist sectors and agriculture has shown to be a valid tourist resource, able to valorise, protect and defend an area and its traditions.

The Istat data on last years’ travels and holidays show an increase of 10.4% of travels in Italy, a Country that can boast 177 products enrolled in the Registry of the protected designation of origin and the protected geographic Indications, 357 between wines Docg and Doc besides 120 wines TGI. This heritage is an extraordinary resource that can communicate the identity of our territories, in Italy and to the World.

The peninsula is a land rich of tourist routes tied to wine&food discoveries with 142 “roads of wines and tastes”, along which it is possible to taste the multiple flavours of the territory. The 18thousand farm holidays present in the Country are ideal places to relax and discover the taste of tradition, but there are also 60.770 mills, wine cellars, mountain barns and shacks open to the public were it is possible to taste and buy out agrifood products.

Source: Ministry of Agricultural Food and Forestry Policies, Italy

by S. C.
05 january 2010, Food & Fun > Travel