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Antigua: the island of 365 beaches

Antigua is the largest island right smack at the center of the Leeward Islands in Eastern Caribbean

Antigua is home to a profusion of interesting places and must see sites. Whether you are interested in the outdoors, history of some art you will most definitely find something to keep you occupied and going-happily so- while vacationing in Antigua. Antigua is the largest island right smack at the center of the Leeward Islands in Eastern Caribbean. It is the larger of the two islands encompassing the country known as Antigua and Barbuda. It is home to 365 pristine beaches, dozens of spectacular dive spots and several hundreds of yachts embellishing its lively ports.

In Antigua you will experience exciting water sports, inviting shopping opportunities and breathtaking hiking trails. If you are visiting Antigua for just a few days, make sure to be as organized as possible and plan your sightseeing adventures according to your interests first, as there are many things to do to enjoy even the longest vacation imaginable.

It is recommended that you begin your Antigua sightseeing at the bustling town of St. John. It is the capital of the two-island country and always the first point of entry whether you are on a cruise or a commercial flight. Once you get to the harbor, you will not have a hard time finding a taxi to take you around. If you have little interest in duty-free shopping, then best not to get caught in the crowd of Heritage Quay where most of the chic stores can be found. Instead, head to the lovely Redcliffe Quay where you will find charming restored buildings featuring quaint restaurants and beautiful boutiques.
Furthermore, you may also be interested in making a quick stopover at the National Museum along Market Street to get an insightful overview of the island's history. On a side note, there is also a museum you might be interested in at the English Harbor - the Dockyard Museum, which provides a good exhibit on the Antigua's naval development as well as some archaeological artifacts. Back in Market Street, continue towards Long Street and you will soon come upon the imposing structure of St. John's Cathedral. Take your time in the area enjoying the capital's panorama.

If you are into sports and care for a game of cricket, make sure not to miss a visit to Sir Viv Richards Cricket Ground. If you are in luck, you just might chance upon a good game to hook you into staying for an hour or two. However, if you are on the hunt for lady luck, you may pay a visit to the casino and test your luck there.

If you are interested in exploring plantation ruins, then a visit to the Betty's Hope Sugar Plantation is up next. The area does not just provide a scenic glimpse into Antigua's plantation days but also provides a picturesque setting to enjoy the island's magnificent rolling green hills and cerulean seas. There are plenty of hiking trails to explore, either for only a few minutes or a full day all out hike. And last but not least, when visiting Antigua, make sure to visit the famous Shirley Heights. There you will find, without a question, the most beautiful and the most famous view. Overlooking the English and Falmouth Harbors, the panoramic view is indescribable. On a nice clear day you may even see Guadeloupe and the still active volcano of Montserrat. Every Sunday Reggae, Soca & Calypso band are out, the food and drinks are pouring and the party gets started. It's definitely big fun-make sure you don't miss out!

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