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Exclusive custom wine experience in Montalcino (Tuscany)

Italy's Finest today announced the beginning of an exclusive partnership with world-famous winemaker, Roberto Cipresso. The fortunate travelers who choose to indulge in this new experience will participate in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have their very own personal wine created for them by Cipresso and his team. This new partnership comes from the desire of Italy's Finest to bring only the very best and most exclusive experiences to its customers. The exchange will take place in Montalcino, a world-famous wine production area in the Tuscan countryside, where clients will spend time with Cipresso in order to have their resulting custom wine reflect their individual personality. Cipresso is enthusiastic about the project, stating that, "After 25 years of serving wineries, this will be a new and exciting challenge for me. In essence, I will need to search deeply to create wines that will mirror individual lives based on personality."

Among other details, participants will enjoy:

- A full day with the famous Roberto Cipresso, during which he collects information about the client's ideal wine
- A second meeting to taste samples of the prototypes Cipresso develops based on the client's character
- A shipment of 1,200 bottles of the selected wine, complete with personalized labels from a graphic designer and wooden boxes with a personal wood-burned logo
- A memory book documenting the entire experience with sketches, notes and photographs from photographer Guglielmo de'Micheli
- Many years of memorable moments and elegant evenings accompanied by personalized wine and memories

by S. C.
01 april 2009, Food & Fun > Travel