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New event to increase travels in Oman

Oman’s ministry of tourism unveils strategic plans for 2012. Partners with Oman Air for series of initiatives planned to complement Muscat’s status as Arab Tourism Capital

Oman’s Ministry of Tourism shared its strategic plans and new focus areas for 2012 with members of the media, travel agents, tour operators and key travel industry players, at the Al Qasr Hotel, Dubai. The new plans aim to complement the latest honour given to the country’s capital Muscat which was recently selected as the Arab Tourism Capital for 2012 by the Arab Tourism Ministers Council. A year-long calendar of diverse arts, sports and cultural activities have been lined up, kicking off with 15 tourism-oriented events to be held until the end of March. One of the main goals of this year’s tourism program is to present Oman as a year-round destination by highlighting events such as the Salalah Khareef Festival. The Ministry is also calling on all tourism stakeholders to adopt a sustainable approach to planning, development and operations.

Meanwhile, the Ministry is currently coordinating with industry partners such as Oman Air to facilitate improved access from destinations such as Zurich and bring in more travellers to the Sultanate. Media campaigns supported by the Ministry website and partnership agreements with international organizations such as BBC Worldwide television are also being mobilized to broaden Oman’s global exposure.

“2012 promises to be an exciting and eventful year for Oman, with an array of activities planned to engage and entertain visitors from across the world. Undoubtedly this will be a very special year for Muscat in particular given the recent recognitions it has received. We look forward to the continued support of our partners in our ongoing efforts to help visitors to our country enjoy the very best of our history, culture and natural attractions,” said Ghasi Humaid Al Hashmi, Assistant Director General of Tourism Promotion, Oman Ministry of Tourism.

Oman’s national carrier Oman Air along with the Ministry of Tourism, resorts, hotels and tour companies have recently teamed up to launch a ‘1 Free Night in Oman’ campaign to encourage stopovers on Oman Air’s international network. The campaign is the first of its kind for Oman and runs from 1 February to 22 December 2012 with the offer available on all classes of travel.

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05 march 2012, Food & Fun > Travel