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Travel photography workshop with Darwin Wiggett

Recognized as one of Canada’s most talented outdoor photographers, Mr. Wiggett and his partner Samantha Chrysanthou are offering a four-day seminar to teach aspiring travel photographers everything they need to know

Fernie, British Columbia, Canada. Wednesday, March 21, 2012 – For many years, Island Lake Catskiing has provided visitors with the opportunity to enjoy some of the most beautiful terrain in British Columbia. However, in the Summer of 2012, guests will have the rare opportunity to study photography under one of Canada’s most esteemed photographers, Darwin Wiggett. Running from June 25 to June 28, this four-day Destination Travel Photography Workshop will help teach aspiring photographers everything they need to know to become professionals.
Mr. Wiggett added, “We are super excited to hold this new workshop in the stunning setting of the Lizard Range at Island Lake Lodge”. Ski touring.

With 7,000 acres of privately held land in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Island Lake Catskiing offers rooms to visitors as well as access to some of the most modern and environmentally-friendly equipment and policies, resulting in an operation that allows for enjoyment of some of Canada’s most spectacular land without ruining it in the process. The variety of terrain at Island Lake Catskiing will allow visitors participating in the photography workshop to examine and take snapshots of a diverse array of locations, while the length of the workshop permits those participating to spend several days getting instruction and still have enough time at the end to take pictures at various points throughout the day.

While most popular for its scenic winter runs, Island Lake Catskiing also opens as possible during the summer months, with what the National Geographic Traveler referred to as “one of the most unique and authentic places to stay in Canada”. The milder summer weather is projected to provide clear backdrops for the workshop, and those participating will receive all meals and accommodation as part of the package, allowing them to focus on Mr. Wiggett’s instructions and take full advantage of this unusual and exciting opportunity.

With the same great package of options available all season long, there is every reason to book an economical early season catski package with Island Lake Catskiing.

by S. C.
02 april 2012, Food & Fun > Travel