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Valencia typical dishes in Easter period

Here are some gastronomic ideas for anyone who wants to travel through the region of Valencia during these Easter holidays

Only a few days to go before the Easter holidays begins. Many visitors from all over Europe and the Peninsula will travel during these days, and many are going to choose the Comunidad Valencia destination to spent their holidays. Main reason because of the nice sunny weather, warm temperatures and why not, the first swim of the year for the most daring ones.

We are going to the Comunidad Valenciana, What are we going to eat?

Immediatly when we say Valenciana we are thinking about rise, paella valenciana and of course fresh fish and seafood. A Mediterranean diet rich in fruit and vegetables, known worldwide. At the same time there are days throughout the year characterized with special dishes, only prepared during these days, like Easter for example.
Without a doubt, in Valencia the most typical dish for Easter is the well known Mona de Pascua.

What is the Mona de Pascua?

The Mona de Pascua is prepared mainly in the area of Valencia and in some areas of Aragon, Cataluña, Murcia and Balearic Islands.
It´s a sweet very easy to prepare and contains flour, yeast, butter, milk, salt, sugar and one egg.
After preparing the dough, you will give it the desired shape and bake it for about 25 minutes in the oven. Normally these are fancy forms like animals, strollers, stars or even people.
Once its ready you wet it with water and sugar and put the boiled egg on it.

Another very traditional dish in Easter in the Comunidad Valenciana are the cod meatballs.
A dish very well acompanied with the "pepitos". The "pepitos" is like a breaded small pie, stuffed with tuna, tomato and pine nuts.

How do you prepare the cod meatballs?

You boil the cod together with the potatoes and after chopping them you mix it with pepper, garlic, bread, egg and parsley. You give them a form and fry it.

It´s very common to see during these dates mulled red coated and marinaded sardines on the table of the valencian people. Its preparation is very easy and simple and it is an ideal dish to enjoy during these days.
To have them ready we must clean first the sardines, pass them through flour and fry them with leaves of laurel, pepper, cloves of garlic and olive oil. Once they are fried you have to add vinegar and water and they are ready.

As cold appetizers they often serve salted tuna, anchovies in vinegar, olives as well as toasted bread with almonds.

by S. C.
02 april 2012, Food & Fun > Travel