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Nicaragua is promoted in Expo Yeosu Korea

South Korea, with the objective of showcasing the country’s many tourism opportunities

Nicaraguan representatives continue to promote the country in this year’s Expo Yeosu, held in the port-town of Yeosu, South Korea, with the objective of showcasing the country’s many tourism opportunities, highlighting its abundant natural resources, culture and colonial cities, as well as its investment opportunities.

At the expo, which will continue until August 12th, the country participates with a booth whose theme is “The Land of Lakes of Volcanoes”, and is characterized for its vibrant colors, breathtaking sceneries of main tourism spots, informative videos, traditional handicrafts, updated information and welcoming Nicaraguan representatives greeting the expo visitors.

Since the beginning of the expo in May of this year, approximately 650 thousand visitors have visited the pavilion where Nicaragua is located in, seeking information on each of the participating countries. Visitors have come mostly from Asian countries, particularly from Korea, China and Thailand, but also from Canada and the United States.

Due to the expo’s theme, the Living Coasts and Ocean, the country’s booth aims to display its concern for nature through its photographs and videos of its biosphere reserves, its 365 islets in Lake Managua, and beaches in the Pacific Coast such as La Flor, where every year sea turtles lay their eggs, protected by the coast patrols in order for them to make their way safely into sea.

Additionally, the sustainable use of the country’s resources is also promoted by a video that showcases Nicaragua’s use of wind and geothermal energy, which goes in line with the government’s goal of reducing the country's dependence on hydrocarbons to 4 percent of the energy generation matrix by 2015.

Also, the Nicaraguan representatives have been able to attend an array of activities offered by different countries, including Angola’s seminar on the use of natural gas and the Spanish Language Day organized with 15 other Spanish-speaking countries, as well as dinner receptions with representatives of other participating countries in order to strengthen international business relations.

Expo 2012 Yeosu belongs to the category of Recognized International Exhibitions and is organized by the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE), an intergovernmental organization that supervises international exhibitions. Official sponsors of the event include Hyundai, KIA Motors, Samsung, GS Caltex, LG and Asiana Airlines. A total of 104 countries from all over the world participate in this international event.

by S. C.
07 august 2012, Food & Fun > Travel