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Central America travel destinations are gaining popularity

The recent rise in popularity of Central America as a vacation destination for North Americans has led Class Adventure Travel to release a new luxury travel collection to Central America

With the beginning of 2014 well underway, travel industry leaders such as TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet and reputable newspapers have begun to leave clues on their recommended travel trends for 2014. The accessibility, shorter flight times and beautiful climate found in Central America has made it a popular and rising star in the eyes of traveling North Americans. In response to these recent travel trends as well as meeting consumer demands, Class Adventure Travel released a new luxury travel collection to Central America. A mix of highlight and exclusive destinations in Belize, Costa Rica and Guatemala have been chosen as Class Adventure Travel looks set to continue providing travelers with an unparalleled travel experience.

Due to its proximity to the United States, travelers can leave their houses in the morning and by early afternoon be sat on a beautiful Belizean beach, exploring the ruins of Tikal in Guatemala or, zip-lining their way through the Costa Rican jungle. One thing is for sure, Central America is set to announce its presence in the 2014 world travel market!

Why Central America & Travel Industry Figures for the Region
The compact region of Central America, allows travelers to cover a number of different destinations within a relatively tight timetable. This makes the region and its sites extremely easy to travel and has led to the rise in Central America’s popularity.

When the Proud Owner and Team Leader of Class Adventure Travel, Marc Harrison, was asked about CAT’s recent expansion into Central America he said: "After providing superior vacation experiences to travelers visiting Costa Rica, we began to see an increase in requests and interest in Guatemala, Belize and other Central America destinations. With Guatemala and Belize fitting Class Adventure Travel’s range and standard of products and services, we provided our customers with what they wanted."

The figures from Belize’s Tourism Board show that in 2012 the country recorded 26,872 more travelers than in 2011, with 277,135 travelers enjoying Belize’s beauty. Of these an impressive 63.7% were Americans and a further 8.7% Canadians. Statistics released in 2013 told a similar story and pattern and in January 2013, the number of travelers increased by 17.2% compared to the 2012 figures. North American travelers also favor Costa Rica and in 2012 it was the most popular destination in Latin America with 1,139,624 visitors throughout 2012.

Whether travelers are attracted to the Caribbean paradise of Ambergris Caye in Belize; encountering mysterious Mayan culture at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala or, having an adventure-filled vacation in Costa Rica; Central America has it all!

by S. C.
03 february 2014, Food & Fun > Travel