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When an olive farm invests in innovation becomes a success story

The Carmine Farm is ever changing. Agriculture, high quality products, catering and hospitality

Fausto Borella

A cultural and spiritual journey in the olive groves

In Spain, local governments have shifted the focus from mere production of olives and olive oil, concentrating efforts on the conservation of the natural and historic landscape


Antonio G. Lauro

How much should cost extra virgin olive oil?

Commissioned and supervised by the management of the International Olive Council, this international study has been led by two experts with a solid track record in the subject area, José María Penco and Juan Vilar, who have drafted the study and its conclusions

S. C.

The scent of excellence for Ascolana tenera extra virgin olive oil

The family Marcantoni decided to devote himself to the production of extra virgin less than ten years old but has already reached considerable heights, thanks to ingenuity and innovation

Indra Galbo

How to prepare a simple ice cream with extra virgin olive oil

Andrea Dolciotti, Restaurant Inopiain Rome, teach us how to prepare, without ice maker, a delicate ice cream with odors of lemongrass and extra virgin olive oil

Piero Palanti

Pasta alla Norma: authentic Italian dishes on your dinner plate

It is supposedly named after the opera "Norma" by Vincenzo Bellini

Marisa Giuliani

Agricultural markets and the Great Depression: lessons from the past

Seventy five years ago, the publication of John Steinbeck's novel The Grapes of Wrath shocked the world with its description of starvation in the midst of plenty. Phd candidate Rasheed Saleuddin is re-evaluating established views of the causes of the Great Depression and argues that there are lessons to be learned today

S. C.

Ice cream Bruschetta, for a fresh spring with friends

Bread pods, extra virgin olive oil ice cream, the scent of hot peppers, dried tomatoes and crispy balisico

Matia Barciulli

The Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Handbook

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Handbook provides a complete account of olive oil’s
composition, health properties, quality, and the legal standards surrounding its

S. C.

Complete guide for growing plants hydroponically

This new book offers valuable information for the commercial grower, the researcher, the hobbyist, and the student interested in hydroponics

S. C.

An easy ang vegan recipe after Christmas holidays

Cabbage and carrots may be typical slaw ingredients, yet this slaw is anything but. Taking a cue from Moroccan cuisine

Marisa Giuliani

Lantieri de Paratico, a little jewel in Franciacorta area for a perfect toast

The reserve Origines, is dressed in gold. Sensual sensations of small pastries fused with notes of candied citrus, lime zest and lime flavors will delight your nose. Freshness and minerality your mouth

Alberto Grimelli

In the Olympus of monocultivar olive oil: the Tonda Iblea

An extra virgin with the face of an angel, the Cherubino Terraliva, fresh and herbaceous. Pungent and bitter fruit in balance of 1,700 plants, even a hundred years old, grown using organic methods

Stefano Polacchi

How to understand the olive oil market? With "Olive Oil Sensory Science"

This book is an invaluable resource for olive oil scientists, product development and marketing personnel on the role of sensory evaluation in relation to current and future market trends

Alberto Grimelli

Water soluble fertilizers market trends & forecasts to 2018

Water soluble fertilizers market by types (nitrogenous, phosphatic, potassic, micronutrients), applications, (fertigation, foliar application), crop types (field, horticultural, turf & ornamentals) and geography

S. C.

When the French tradition becomes innovation and has deep roots

An old cellar back to ancient glories and the glories of the past thanks to a new generation linked to a brand , the 1883 that made ​​it famous Conti Faina

Maurizio Pescari

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