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Edgar Lee Masters:"What's that, free-will or what?"

Oh many times did Ernets Hyde and I argue about the freedom of the will

L. C.

The oil cures the body and the soul

History reports many evidences of the thaumaturgic properties of oils. In a novel the story of a miraculously cured Franciscan friar

Carlotta Baltini Roversi

Nature can always get rid of itself, re-establishing its equilibrium

“Nature is a great heritage that we alas trample, as if it didn’t belong us”, the thriller and noir novel writer Gianni Farinetti says

Luigi Caricato

Gualtiero Marchesi. One master, many different stories

An exhibition dedicated to the unrivaled protagonist of our gastronomic scene in Milan, until June 20th. The most renowned cooks have been influenced by him without being his copies. The example, in the end, is the highest form of teaching

Monica Sommacampagna

Wine as a message of peace

A cooperation between the Entrepreneurs for Peace Association and the Agricultural Association of Siena produces a wine which is a “symbol of peace and reconciliation”

Monica Sommacampagna

Silvana Cutrale and her magic farm

Her “adventure” in farming began in 1987 when she met her husband, a producer of oil for three generations and ripening cheese. Her philosophy is quality, seriousness and professionalism

L. C.

Salt cod whipped with cream of asparagus and quail egg

A recipe that sums the traditional gastronomy of the Italian Region of Veneto with a touch of style and fantasy. The fresh perfumes of spring will envelope you

Paola Budel

The best of Sicily: Felice Modica's Insolia

For centuries, this family has cultivated this land with passion and competence, taking care of the vines, the olive groves, the citrus gardens, almonds and carob trees

Graziano Alderighi

Maculan family, winemakers with a passion for extra virgin olive oil

The high plains of Asiago (Veneto Region) offer natural protection and create an extremely mild climate that favors the cultivation of vines and olives

Luigi Caricato

Agriculture matters to everybody, not just to farmers

The historian Rossano Pazzagli helps us to understand the issues of the rural world. Today, there is a worldwide need to rethink the models of development. A return to the past does not make sense, but it is not possible anymore to ignore the values of sustainability

Alberto Grimelli

Have I the honour to speak with an expert in Agriculture?

In the novel Un uomo di carattere Paola Capriolo stages the geometric laws of order and limit against the chaotic violence of Nature

L. C.

A catalogue of writes and books on the rural world

A can’t-miss list of titles for the lovers of the agricultural world and of country life and its complex dynamics (8. To be continued)

L. C.

Francesca Stajano, a successfull story in the South of Italy

In the family farm, from 1980, she improves her experience in the wine and olive production and feels herself a peasant with few foolish entreprenditorial ambitions

L. C.

Castelão and Aragonez for a Portougal rosè wine

From Alentejo Region, in the South of Portugal, where there is the city of Évora. classified by Unesco as a World Heritage site, a perfect wine for aperitif

Ernesto Vania

Attilio Scienza: viticulture and enology run together

From the know-how of the consultants and coworkers of wine producers, to the native vines and to the competition of the emerging countries. The farm zonation is better that the district one

Alberto Grimelli

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