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A catalogue of writes and books on the rural world

A can’t-miss list of titles for the lovers of the agricultural world and of country life and its complex dynamics (2. To be continued)

L. C.

Bianca Garavelli: too many youngsters abandoning the country

According to the famous writer, a scholar of Dante Alighieri and author of intense novels, the mirage of an easier life pushes youth away from rural life

Luigi Caricato

From Tuscany with love: Moraiolo by San Frediano

The upper Maremma region can make surprise as an extra virgin with a manful personality without aggressive character: a “gentleman” olive oil

Alberto Grimelli

The Selvarossa in Apulia region: expression of character

Rich flavours associated with the savoury spice of the oak and tannin. From Cantina Due Palme and the wisdom of the winemaker Angelo Maci a Baccus nectar

Luigi Caricato

They eyes look to me mild. Out of maize & air

A feeling lyric by the American John Berryman da Homage to Mistress Bradstreet

L. C.

Scientific and spiritual impulses for the progress of agriculture

In this book Rudolf Steiner introduces the reader to a very original vision of agriculture which he formulated during a series of conferences he held in the June of 1924

Luigi Caricato

Armando Manni, the artist with a passion for olive

Movie director and producer of oil, he divides his time between the olive trees at Amiata and the cities of Rome and New York, where he lives. He is the author of the cult movie Elvjs & Merilijn

L. C.

Hats of Asiago cheese

A creative recipe with traditional elements and foods by Nicola Portinari, for tasting seasonal flavours with fun and likes

Nicola Portinari

A Mito in Fattoria Paradiso

In an ancient castle a great red wine that has the strength of Romagna land and the Nobel Prize Laureate Dario For has wanted to sign

Graziano Alderighi

Cotec, thousand hectares of history

An extra virgin, made from a mix of olives of the region, bottled by a Consortium created in 2001 with the aim of enhancing and promoting quality

Luigi Caricato

The passionate olive

A passional book, by Carol Firenze. An introduction to olive oil world, because this precious pure fruit juice has lot of uses

Alberto Grimelli

Risotto with saffron and liquorice powder

A recipe that is a workshop of flavors on the move, intended to elicit the senses, from a chef who dream to making the customer

Massimiliano Alajmo

Katherine Mansfield: the flowers petals fold

"There's a gold sheen on these flower petals as they fold more truly mine, more like to my desire"

L. C.

Giacomo Tachis: "The good wine is open minded”

The creator of many celebrated Tignanello e Sassicaia tells us about the price of wines, the addition of sugar, the choice of steel, wood or concrete, the use of additives and more

Alberto Grimelli

Antonio Riccardi: “Our roots are still part of us”

The progressive abandon of the country – says the poet – has been for many the abandon of a lifestyle, seen as outdated with respect to modernity, as immobile, perpetual and of great fatigue

Luigi Caricato

Donatella Cinelli Colombini, art historian and wine woman

She founded the wine tourism association (Movimento del turismo del vino) and invented the “open wine cellars” event. Her passion for the Bacchus drink is always astonishing

L. C.

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