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Ligustro, the chemist of great artistic intuitions

From the time he left for health reasons the oil world, he entered the art world becoming one of the main living artists of polychrome xylography

Luigi Caricato

A catalogue of writes and books on the rural world

A can’t-miss list of titles for the lovers of the agricultural world and of country life and its complex dynamics

Luigi Caricato

Cetrone, an intense Itrana extra virgin olive oil

Since 1860 the family is dedicated to the cultivation of olive trees to provide connoisseurs and lovers to taste a true essence of olive oil unique and inimitable

Luigi Caricato

Deer fillet cooked in mountain hay with red currant jam

A recipe for cold winter that can warm also your soul. A sweet meat with a sweet sauce for high level flavours

Federico Parolari

Nero d’Avola and Cabernet Sauvignon for the Sicilian style

A red, full and well structured wine. A Contessa Entellina Doc by Donnafugata indicated with grilled or roasted red meats, imposing roasts, kid and lamb

Graziano Alderighi

Immigrants the first Europe farmers

Europeans couldn't solely be the descendents of either the hunter-gatherer or the first farmers but a mixture of those two groups

S. C.

Walt Whitman: "Be not afraid of my body"

“I am the poet of the Body and I am the poet of the Soul”

L. C.

The dignity of farming according to John Paul II

The job of farmers in the encyclical Laborem exercens. The voice of the great Pontiff in the famous encyclical published in 1981


The pleasure of invisible. To heal from the evil of the world

The hope, the crisis of identity, the transmigration of people, the deterioration of the communication media and of society. Monsignor Ersilio Tonini, a master of our times. “We are condemned to follow ethics”

Luigi Caricato

Laura Turri, the "queen" of extra virgin olive oil on Garda lake

A keyword for the future of farming? Environmental and economical sustainability at both local and global levels, ensuring the production of healthy, top-quality food

L. C.

Catalan prawns. The recipe of the chef Lino Gagliardi

A summer taste for eating with the suggestions by the chef of "The Rampini Osteria" in San Giuliano Milanese (Italy)

Lino Gagliardi

Greco di Tufo, the history of Irpinia

Feudi San Gregorio produces here a wonderful wine with appreciable fruity essences and the typical mineral structure

Ernesto Vania

Riviera of flowers reveals her secrets

From Liguria an extra virgin olive oil obtained by beating down Taggiasca olives from the trees and cold pressing

Fabrizio Vignolini

The passion of Don Giovanni Bosco for wine

Now the majors of the Monferrato region and the viticulturists of Piemonte ask to make the Italian Saint Protector of viticulture

Sarah Scaparone

Giancarlo Vitali. Visiting the artist

Portait of an painter: "I take a brush, I have a suggestive subject and paint. I don’t set myself anything as a goal, nor least of all do I start from a visualized thought or an inspiration, precisely, arriving from the kingdom of Arts”

Leonardo Castellucci

Edgar Lee Masters: “Is your soul alive? Then let it feed!”

Leave no balconies where you can climb; nor milk-white bosoms where you can rest; nor wine cups while the wine is sweet

L. C.

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