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Travel notes. A trip in the memory

Parmesan cheese and spoons as pen, with witch take notes of popular places and places that will become popular

Pietro Leeman

Masi, in Veneto from six generations

The winery is specialized in the production of Amarones and Reciotos which are modern in style but deeply rooted in tradition

Graziano Alderighi

From hilly Puglia area, the “Goccia from Bitonto”

The Cuonzo farm’s establishment is located in a place dated from the year 1600 and has become an olive oil mill and wine cellar

Alberto Grimelli

The lights of Caravaggio on Bacchus

The research for reality through details. Marcella Farinaro comments the famous painting of one of the most famous artist in the history of art. She emphasizes the red wine goblet

Marcella Farinaro

Georgics, a very classic of agricultural literature

Virgil widens the agricultural world problems and he is able to move also the today-reader through his warnings and his visions


A new format for a wine guide: a format that pin to ethics

The revival of excellence production under the sign of “healthy, good and fair”. According to Luca Bandirali, sommelier, the way to success in definitively voted to quality

Luigi Caricato

Mario Rigoni Stern: "Everything goes so fast that there is no time to meditate anymore”

The famous author of the novel “Il sergente nella neve”(The sergeant in the snow) reckons that our contemporary world is made for consuming and that an immoderate consumption exhausts nature, too

Luigi Caricato

People do not dress anymore. They disguise

Walking around the city with the poet Maurizio Cucchi, among cigarette stubs, pants at the knees and post-modern beggars

Maurizio Cucchi

Keith Richmond, from United Kingdom to Tuscany

A long trip. Born in UK, educated in the USA. Now he is a farmer who produces an high-quality extra virgin olive oil "against the elements, rising costs and bureaucracy"

L. C.

Caramelised onion, Grana Padano Riserva D'O hot and cold

The master piece from Davide Oldani. The simple recipe that made him famous. Sweet and savoury, hot and cold: this is the synthesis of the “balanced contrast”

Davide Oldani

Verdenso, the passion of Cremonini for olive oil

A company with a long experience working in the olive oil business, Olitalia has developed a large and well-organised range of oil specialities.

Fabrizio Vignolini

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