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Pumpkin, sage and almond candy

A recipe by the chef Valentino Bontempi, one of the most appreciated interpreters on Italian cuisine in Russia. He works at the restaurant Bontempi in Moscow

Valentino Bontempi

Some herbal agents could prevent sunburn

Golden serpent fern and Asian ginseng, when taken orally, may reduce the local and systemic negative effects of UV light exposure

S. C.

Anchovy cookies

A recipe by Valentino Bontempi, chef at the Bontempi Italian Restaurant in Moscow, for a bit of Italian cuisine in your summer 2012

Valentino Bontempi

An Arpagone for a pure Sangiovese

The power of culture. The vineyard Prato al Pozzo of Francesca Quiriconi in Cinignano, Italy, exploits a character from Moliere for a Montecucco doc

Maria Carla Squeo

The yellow gold of Vetrere on the summer tables

Apulia is at the top of quality for oils and olive trees. The sisters Anna Maria and Francesca Bruni present an extra virgin olive oil that merges the Ogliarola Salentina and the Cellina di Nardò varieties with the Frantoio, Leccino and Nocellare del Belice cultivars

Maria Carla Squeo

Onion's soul

Even an onion has got a soul. And if you don’t believe so, read these beautiful words that Mrs. Erica Jong - american novelist, poet and essayist - wrote in her book Fruit and Vegetables


Smell is a suave, elusive, sensual sense

Hans Schnier, protagonist of one of Heinrich Böll’s novels, used to smell perfumes, aromas and scents, a mix of absolutely intangible fragrances, impossible to transmit and to distinguish even in presence of the source itself

Paola Cerana

Feuerbach, mixed salad, eroticism and sex

Fruit and vegetables deserve devotion and admiration, and they have always inspired artists, scholars and even scientists. Every fruit of nature is a nature masterpiece in miniature, unique for form, size and color

Paola Cerana

An easy recipe for a funny appetizer

You need only few minutes to prepare this taste onion brie. The flavour of cheese mixed with caramelized onion and caraway is delicious


The elegance of the spicy red

The Chianti Classico Riserva Ducale Oro Ruffino's 2006 arrest for his notes of tobacco, cinnamon, chocolate and black pepper. a surprise

Maria Carla Squeo

Volubilia, a Moroccan olive oil by Picholine variety

This extra virgin is producted on the slopes of Mount Atlas, by Christophe Gribelin in Meknes. A surprising North Africa

Maria Carla Squeo

More than five hundreds old trees for olive oil Gianecchia

Ten kilometers from the Adriatic an extra virgin "Colline di Brindisi", which expresses the characteristics of the area thanks to the typical fruity of the Ogliarola cultivar

Alberto Grimelli

To celebrate together the holidays, nothing beats a Cartizze

There is a particularly precious hillside area in Valdobbiadene (Italy) called Cartizze. From the mid 18th Century a family spent whole lifes growing grapes and to produce this supreme Prosecco

Graziano Alderighi

Christmas tree with coffee

Eating the Christmas tree will be a playful event with your children and it is a tasty snack for the afternoon of holidays

Aliona Avduhova

A hymn to the olive trees of the Garda Lake

In Italy, around the lake greatly praised by Goethe, there is an evocative and charming rural landscape. Even the poet and man of action Gabriele d’Annunzio, on the Italian masters of the twentieth century, eulogized it


The fried beans

A simple and appetizing recipe: dry fried beans. This is a specialty from Puglia, southern Italy

Luigi Caricato

"The Vallinetta" 2007, fresh and fruity red wine

It 'a red Italian brand Pdg Monteregio good to serve with pasta, meats and roasts. And 'produced Scarlino, Tuscany

Luigi Caricato

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