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The feminine touch of olive oil

The oil well in Calabria, South Italy, olives Grossa di Cassano. The single variety of the farm goes Doria, among others, by Alessandra Paolini

Luigi Caricato

In the vineyard and the cellar everything will always be the same

A concert of yeasts, sugars and carbon oxide. In the following, the
pleasure of grape harvesting in a story by Nicoletta Bocca. It is a
short moment of fullness


Le Selve from Garda region is harmonious

There are five varieties that contribute to the excellent success of this blend. Everything revolves around the famous lake so dear to writers such as Gabriele D'Annunzio and Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Luigi Caricato

Maria Grazia Barone: musician involved in olive oil

From music studies to olive growing. The big jump of a family with passion for rural countryside and for environment


The Grande Bouffe

A curious episode of the life of the Thomas Aquinas, at dinner at the court of Saint Louis king of France


Beauty and goodness of vegetables is in their colors

The organic concept of health, focused on quantity and substance of inputs we ingest and digest, is today integrated by a more spiritual and holistic concept, based on quality, hidden virtues and intrinsic properties of food

Paola Cerana

Pacchero with aromatic herbs and pecorino cheese

The astrology recipe by chef Antonio Ruggiero for those born under the sign of Virgo. The onion, marjoram, red clover, burnet, the clover


San Giuliano PGI Sardinia, an extra virgin floral scents

It 'an oil with a designation of origin, from olives and Bosana Semidana. To produce Dominic Manca, a leading figure of Italian olive. Versatile and open to multiple uses, as raw as cooking

Luigi Caricato

It's called "Sono". No sulfites added

Aromas of violets and black cherry. It 'made ​​in Italy red, Sangiovese di Romagna DOC produced by the Three Mountains of Imola

Luigi Caricato

Sex, pills and peppermint

Patriarchal societies tested men with their excessive adoration for virility and its symbols. Now Viagra and others revolutionized male sexuality. Why surrender to chemistry?

Paola Cerana

Can the nutritious food be also good?

Diet reveals the distinctive characters of a culture. Here is an anecdotes by the world famous Fosco Maraini, Italian writer, anthropologist and orientalist. He passed in 2004 in Florence, the same city where he was born in 1912


Passion for extra virgin olive oil and medicine

Cynthia Chiarion is an Italian entrepreneur who produces an excellent extra virgin Tuscan and undertakes to study the beneficial properties of human and animal


Melarosa, pink bubbles extra dry

It starts from pure Negroamaro grapes, grown with "alberello" system and vinified in rosè. The winemaker is Angelo Maci, the owner of Cantine Due Palme

S. C.

The oil of Canossa. It's a refer to history

It's called "Fondo Bre'" and is produced in Italy on the eastern shore of Lake Garda. IIt's a Pdo and is made from olives Casaliva and partly Pendolino

Luigi Caricato

Lorenzo Massart, lawyer, wine producer and painter

It 'an Italian producer who has brought honor and prestige to the wines of the Casentino area of Tuscany near Arezzo all still to discover and enjoy its special enoic


The swimmer’s breast

There was a big prize and a golden medal for who was able to swim across a large sea range. A woman was noted over the others; for the big breast she displayed!


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