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A fresh rosé for the summer, from Negroamaro grapes

It's called "mulberry" (Gelso Moro in Italian) and is produced in an area highly suited, in southern Italy

Luigi Caricato

Calamari with fish sauce

A fresh and seaside idea for summer season, perfect also for diet. Fast to prepare, it's perfect for holiday

Giuseppe Capano

The "Cladivm"? Olive Picudo profumes

It is producted by Aroden from Andalucia. A single variety oil. The bottle is DOP Priego de Córdoba

Luigi Caricato

How is the wine this year?

Alessandro Tamburini brings us in Italy, in the Maremma Toscana, in the area of the Morellino di Scansano wine, with a movingly story called “my mother’s wine”


Why an olive tree? Asks Porphyry

The evergreen tree represents the highest lesson of the life: to fight for the good and to honor the pietas. And it assumes also an esoteric message: during the summer the olive tree turns the white part of the leaves to the sky, while during the winter it turns it to the soil

Nicola Dal Falco

The G20 of ministers of agriculture? Ultraconservative policies prevail

Too much noise for nothing. No concrete help to strengthen the agricultural policies of poor countries have been included in the agenda. Therefore, the only hypothesis against the financial speculation on food, has regarded the definition of limits to trading positions. Contradictions of Europe, which fights hunger only with words

Alfonso Pascale

"Dolcenoto", a pure white muscat

It is produced in Noto, South Italy, from Felice Modica. It is characterized by elegance, refinement and persistent fruity and floral notes

Luigi Caricato

New training toolkit for medicinal plants

This is based on the guidelines for Good Agriculture and Collection Practices for medicinal plants that were developed by the World Health Organization

S. C.

Wine? It is one of my inspiration sources

Here are the confessions of the great ‘pataphysic painter Enrico Baj. This testimony was collected by the most well-known wine shopper of Italy, Giovanni Longo


Come on! Why don’t we accept our inner ape?

We allow improbable virtual relationships to charm us, rather than fully enjoying the real ones; we eat the products of the Earth taken from the cylinders of the wizards of chemistry, rather than by the sweat of the farmers. It seems incredible that we still need to discuss to show that the Darwinian theory of evolution is correct

Paola Cerana

The extra virgin Agrestis, tomato and white fruit

The "Bell'Omio" is an Italian olive oil from olives produced in Sicily Round Iblea pure, organically grown. He won the prestigious Oil Capital, and not just

Luigi Caricato

Giambattista Mastropierro: the right compromise

"The love for nature, the care for the trees, the pleasure of seeing the fruits coming up and growing... all this is the result of a “farmer’s” soul, passionate and irrational as love itself"


The good side of agriculture has a social soul

We are all called to change. We cannot be prisoners of egoism forever. There are individuals able to create durable relationships, characterized by responsibility towards the common good, but also by gratuity and freedom in their own daily activites. A dialogue with Alfonso Pascale

Luigi Caricato

We are slaves of the potato. Where will this bring us?

There are few that dislike and distrust the potato. A comment by the “Unknown Philosopher” Guido Ceronetti, from his Insects without borders


Oh, the mellow oil of our presses

An intense and nostalgic composition of the Italian writer Giovanni Boine with his memories from his youngness in Liguria


Finding peace after pet loss

Animal-loving writers are invited to submit their pet-related short stories to the fourth round of the Petlitzer Prize Contest

S. C.

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