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Potosi Fuenroble, best quality award for people and chef

From the Spanish region Sierra de Segura, inside a natural park, an extra virgin olive oil by Picual cultivar

Alberto Grimelli

Women in power for the future of farming: Mena Aloia

In South of Italy, in the little region of Molise, there are historical farms as Aloia, born in 1896. Company owns 160 hectares, of which 10 are exclusively dedicated to the culture of olives


How to cook a diet tomato soup

This recipe is often a flavorful and delicious meal that you can effortlessly make and freeze portions, so you always have some handy

Aliona Avduhova

Recioppella: a traditional variety from Sannio enhanced by Zamparelli

In the province of Benevento in the heart of the Sannio district, the Zamparelli farm cultivates approximately 10 ha of hilly land which is used exclusively for the cultivation of olive trees

Luigi Caricato

A too small penis? Rub it with oil

The Perfumed Garden for the entertainment of the spirit of Sheikh Nefzaoui makes full light on the Eastern erotic world, with many surprises


How good the lake oil is!

An illustrated book by the oleologist Luigi Caricato about the prestigious oil productions of the Garda Lake (North of Italy) has just been published

Maria Carla Squeo

Luisa Pantaleo: female power to innovation

Youngest daughter of a olive oil family company, she joined the capacity of running an industrial company and her passion for the nature


Red and white wine typical of Friuli region

Jacùss farm, from Sandro and Andrea Iacuzzi, produces about 50 thousands of bottles a year from 10 hectares of vineyard.

Graziano Alderighi

"Spaghetti pomo d'oro": a Gianni D'Amato recipe

Tomato and gold for a precious dish, with flavours of cherry tomatoes, prawns and some aromatic herbs, as marjoram

Gianni D'Amato

Italian nothern extra virgin olive oil

Josephus Mayr proposes us a blend of twenty different cultivars of olive trees for a particular olive oil with also lemon sensations

Luigi Caricato

Elena Parovel fault in love for Friuli Venenzia Giulia

She is the fourth generation of family's farm and thinks herself as a business woman. She tells to her collegues: "be more oriented to a customer with a marketing vision"


Bad fats and good fats

We need to keep in mind that not all fats are the same. A book by Ulrich Strunz and Andreas Jopp gives some suggestions for choosing the right foods and keep a healthy body and mind

L. C.

Hoe, sickle, and spade? Perfectly polished

Don’t miss Mo Yan’s engaging prose. His fiction presents the rural world in all its spontaneity and bare truth


Men are less and less virile

We don’t need always-erect males, but sensitive, brave and understanding people, as Guido Ceronetti says


Tonda Iblea Agrestis: the flavours of Sicily

Two youngs decided to devote themself to the care of the many olive trees present in Buccheri and now the elderly owners were leaving

Luigi Caricato

Old whitefish with caponata and mashed potatoes

Five styles to taste whitefish. Different flavours and aromas to rich a dish for this Christmans holidays

S. C.

Agronomist can be also poetry and lives farming as a primitive art

Alessia Gambuzza, from Ragusa (Sicily), teaches us how to blend the pragmatic rationalism of science with inspiration, creativity and passion for agriculture


Gualdo al Melo, the experience and the passion live in Bolgheri

In the winemaking cellar they reject the use of any additives or of physio-chemical procedures that could change the natural characteristics of the grapes

Alberto Grimelli

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