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Peppered Mussels from Taranto

A simple recipe by Antonella Ricc. How to have at home the taste and the flavor of the Mediterranean Sea

Antonella Ricci

Carolea. a Calabria cultivar and a brand for Statti olive mill

Carolea has very ancient origins. The Statti family has always played a leading role in the economy of Calabria in relationship with the history and tradition

Luigi Caricato

Chiara Olivi, from Maremma with passion for Slow Food

After a economy bachelor at Florence University, she decided to follow the destiny in her surname. She fights her struggle against serial, global and not much natural food


You need to eat meat, my son

Luckily you have a family that can afford it. A funny story by Gianrico Carofiglio


Aperitive olive oil, an original idea by Antonio Ruggero

The extra virgin olive oil now becomes a bevenda? Not only a provocation by a teacher with passion for good tasting

Luigi Caricato

A Brazilian dish interpreted by Chef Kumalè

Bobó de camarão is dish of fresh shrimp in a puree of dried shrimp, manioc (cassava/yucca) meal, coconut milk and nuts

Chef Kumalè

Genes and allergens. Allergy to Gmo?

The challenge to uncertainties, lack of confidence and human prejudice. After last week intervention, Paola Cerana writes again of a hot topic. The transgenic research? It has opened a door wide to a marvelous, invisible universe

Paola Cerana

Stories and misadventures of a farmer would-be doctor

An exhilarating story by Ermanno Cavazzoni, from Vite brevi di idioti. The protagonist is Gallinari Sauro, a farmer that thinks to be naturally talented for curing people


Every nation on Earth has the right to its own rural development

Hunger is not an ineluctable fatality, but an unacceptable reality, as stated by the Italian Minister for Agricultural Policies Giancarlo Galan during his speech at the 36th session of Fao food security committee

Giancarlo Galan

Children will be the chroniclers of extra virgin olive oil

A new project from the Association City of Oil to involve kids on the themes of oil. The event will take place within the IXth edition of Bimboil


A voice for the olive oil

What helps the voice of a famous international singer? The olive oil. Selena Gomez, the 17 years old star of teenagers, promotes the olive oil

S. C.

Antonella Roversi: from architecture to farming

The sensitivity of women in the service of olive oil in the Italian Marche Region because "agriculture represents the origin of the evolution of men"


I like my body when it is with your

Edward E. Cummings: i like what it does, i like its hows. I like to feel the spine of your body and its bones, and the trembling-firm-smooth nees and which i will


Silvia Maestrelli: the touch of women on the wine

The hearth between Tuscany and Sicily. In the memory Luigi Veronelli and in the future new projects for mom Giovanna, me and my sister, Simona, the small: Margherita and Lavinia


Salella: the extra virgin of Cilento region

Pietra Bianca, by Frantoio Monzo, born from passionate olive growing and full of love for his land and its traditions

Luigi Caricato

Vittorio Fusari: to not forget einkorn

A tasty and interesting soup of einkorn with squid ink, tartar souce and shrimps, mozzarella and basil

Vittorio Fusari

The farmers changed so much…

Some considerations about the nowadays countryside by Giovanni Mosca, a great Italian writer and journalist


Fisch & crock of brown trout and cream of lettuce with ginger and potato purple Pietraporzio

The innovative recipe of Luigi Taglienti has its root between mountais and sea for an armonious style

Luigi Taglienti

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