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Extra virgin olive oil Le Ripe: the dream of two cousins

Produced organically with Gentile di Chieti and Leccino olives, harvested directly from the trees in the early stage of the maturation process

Luigi Caricato

Gualtiero Marchesi: seize the day

End of August, Franciacorta. The total love of a second. All the rest is trivial

Gualtiero Marchesi

The dark side of pleasure. It is fatal attraction

Its color is dark, black and shiny. It is hard, tenacious and resistant to the touch. There are not so much things that are able to stimulate all the five senses in a passionate symphony of pleasure. But it can

Paola Cerana

Elena Franco, her heart that beats for wine

She is the soul of the winery Fortesi in Oltrepò Pavese, Northern Italy. A definition of agriculture? A new ancient way of life


From the Green Heart of Italy: Gradassi olive oil

Following a centuries' old family tradition, they carefully handpick the olives to then bring them to the olive mill on their Estate which dates back as far as 1639

Luigi Caricato

Eleonora Briguglia: the art in the farm

After expericenes around the world she decides to return home, in her Sicily because "if we respect our earth our future could have some better expectations"


The deep-water wine at record prizes

The 6,500 bottles of spumante wined for thirteen months under the water were recently recovered. They will be sold for Christmas


The world is for bastards. Let’s call them with their name

The whole truth. Felice Modica doesn’t neglect any particular: the politically-correct names disgust me


Quattrociocchi olive oil, the juice of Alatri

This organic extra virgin is produced with a selected variety of olives: Moraiolo, Frantoio and Leccino, picked in the heart of Ciociaria

Luigi Caricato

Puff of Caprino cheese, eggplant and beef tartare in broth of tomato

A summer hot dish from the creativity of the Italian chef Giancarlo Perbellini. He likes cakes but today he offers us an interesting puff

Giancarlo Perbellini

The passion for wine, listening the news of the winds

Claudia Donegaglia is a winemaker and grower who has for model Giacomo Tachis, as the spirit of studying and innovation


The golden juice of the olive oil, between legend and reality

Chemistry and culture. An entire chapter of the book by Penny Le Couteur and Jay Burreson is dedicated to oleic acid, blood of the societies arose around the Mediterranean Sea and the oil. Paola Cerana tells us about the molecules that changed history

Paola Cerana

Only a virgin could give us the extra virgin oil

Marino Niola tells us about the mythological exploits of Athena. It was a popular jury panel, mostly composed of women, to decree the success of the shrewd and chaste daughter of Zeus


City vs. Countryside. A close relationship without conflicts

This was the state of affairs at least until the year 1000. A complete recent study by the Italian Study Center for Middle Ages clarify the relationship between these two worlds nowadays so distant

Luigi Caricato

Henkell, the German style of champagne

The largest and most modern sparkling wine cellar was born in 1832 and now produce more than 20 million bottles. Dosage Zero is a best cru, without any addition of sugar after fermentation

Graziano Alderighi

2,000 olive trees in Tuscany and a biological olive oil

A medium intensity extra virgin, produced with biological method in the centre of Tuscany, among the rolling hills that cradle Leonardo.

Luigi Caricato

A wonderful Sicilian recipe from Ciccio Sultano

Chop and tenderloin of pork stuffed Nebrodi black beans "Velvets" in Trapani, spinach and spicy chocolate sauce

Ciccio Sultano

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