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Calamari with fish sauce

A fresh and seaside idea for summer season, perfect also for diet. Fast to prepare, it's perfect for holiday

Giuseppe Capano

How to cook a diet tomato soup

This recipe is often a flavorful and delicious meal that you can effortlessly make and freeze portions, so you always have some handy

Aliona Avduhova

"Spaghetti pomo d'oro": a Gianni D'Amato recipe

Tomato and gold for a precious dish, with flavours of cherry tomatoes, prawns and some aromatic herbs, as marjoram

Gianni D'Amato

Old whitefish with caponata and mashed potatoes

Five styles to taste whitefish. Different flavours and aromas to rich a dish for this Christmans holidays

S. C.

Peppered Mussels from Taranto

A simple recipe by Antonella Ricc. How to have at home the taste and the flavor of the Mediterranean Sea

Antonella Ricci

A Brazilian dish interpreted by Chef Kumalè

Bobó de camarão is dish of fresh shrimp in a puree of dried shrimp, manioc (cassava/yucca) meal, coconut milk and nuts

Chef Kumalè

Vittorio Fusari: to not forget einkorn

A tasty and interesting soup of einkorn with squid ink, tartar souce and shrimps, mozzarella and basil

Vittorio Fusari

Fisch & crock of brown trout and cream of lettuce with ginger and potato purple Pietraporzio

The innovative recipe of Luigi Taglienti has its root between mountais and sea for an armonious style

Luigi Taglienti

Puff of Caprino cheese, eggplant and beef tartare in broth of tomato

A summer hot dish from the creativity of the Italian chef Giancarlo Perbellini. He likes cakes but today he offers us an interesting puff

Giancarlo Perbellini

A wonderful Sicilian recipe from Ciccio Sultano

Chop and tenderloin of pork stuffed Nebrodi black beans "Velvets" in Trapani, spinach and spicy chocolate sauce

Ciccio Sultano

Salt cod whipped with cream of asparagus and quail egg

A recipe that sums the traditional gastronomy of the Italian Region of Veneto with a touch of style and fantasy. The fresh perfumes of spring will envelope you

Paola Budel

Rice with fennel sauce and grape Canicattì

Flavours and aromas typical of sun and Mediterranean. From chef and ambassador of Sicily La Mantia this simple recipe in witch you can taste the real soul of a territory

Filippo La Mantia

A fresh sea salad rich of ingredients and fantasy

Urchin, smoked salmon, cauliflower mousse and salmon caviar for a light meal with a great personality

Claudio Sadler

The secrets for a perfect Christmas plum pudding

It’s not a fruitcake but a classical for holidays tables. It’s quite caloric, also because there is the butter instead of the traditional suet

Carlotta Baltini Roversi

An appetite and colored recipe. The fantasy and the tradition of Campania for you

Mozzarella and tomatoes. What more typical of South of Italy? Cocoa butter and carnaroli rice are modern ingredients for a delicious meal

Rosanna Marziale

Hats of Asiago cheese

A creative recipe with traditional elements and foods by Nicola Portinari, for tasting seasonal flavours with fun and likes

Nicola Portinari

Risotto with saffron and liquorice powder

A recipe that is a workshop of flavors on the move, intended to elicit the senses, from a chef who dream to making the customer

Massimiliano Alajmo

Deer fillet cooked in mountain hay with red currant jam

A recipe for cold winter that can warm also your soul. A sweet meat with a sweet sauce for high level flavours

Federico Parolari

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