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Catalan prawns. The recipe of the chef Lino Gagliardi

A summer taste for eating with the suggestions by the chef of "The Rampini Osteria" in San Giuliano Milanese (Italy)

Lino Gagliardi

Travel notes. A trip in the memory

Parmesan cheese and spoons as pen, with witch take notes of popular places and places that will become popular

Pietro Leeman

Caramelised onion, Grana Padano Riserva D'O hot and cold

The master piece from Davide Oldani. The simple recipe that made him famous. Sweet and savoury, hot and cold: this is the synthesis of the “balanced contrast”

Davide Oldani

A simple sea dish with some creativity

From an international chef, who love Mediterrean and Italian ingredients, a creation that join fish, meal and fruit

Heinz Beck

Paccheri di gragnano with fresh tuna, green chilis and origano

A simply Mediterrean recipe from the Neapolitan chef who is also a biological farmer

Alfonso Iaccarino

Burnt cuttlefish cream with oil and murex

An experimental cooking recipe from Carlo Cracco, the chef who invented “the food for the mind”

Carlo Cracco

Gold leaf saffron risotto

It 'a dish of great elegance, goodness and the effect that a great cook should look for

Gualtiero Marchesi

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