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Travel notes. A trip in the memory

Parmesan cheese and spoons as pen, with witch take notes of popular places and places that will become popular

The trip is to the vinegar and balsamic vinegar is made with parmesan cheese. The spoons the pen to take notes to be added to memory.
Memory that explores popular places and places that will become popular.

Ingredients for 8 people

For the fondue
200 g of milk
100 g cream
150 g of parmesan reggiano
20 g of flour
2 grams of powdered mushrooms
10 g dill
5 g of salt
200 g of milk

For spoons
50 g sugar
150 g of juice from passion fruit
reduced to 150 g, tied with 2 g of Maizena

50 g sugar
150 raspberry rose
120 g reduced

50 g sugar
100 grams of red wine vinegar
250 red wine
reduced to 100 g, tied with 4 g of Maizena

20 g sugar
10 g of honey
200 g orange juice

1 gram of orange peel
reduced to 100 g associated with 4 g of Maizena
20 g of balsamic vinegar for 25 years

1) Cook the 4 sugar to petit boule, wet with their juices, reduce them as described and linked when necessary.
2) Take 200 g of milk to the boil, tie it with the flour dissolved in a drop of water, add the parmesan cheese, let melt and thus prepare a fondue,
3) warm 200 g of milk and mount the mini peemer, put on the bottom of eight small bowls fondue, support you over the foam of milk seasoned with dill, mushroom powder and salt.
Serve accompanied with the spoons with the different tastes.

by Pietro Leeman
06 july 2009, Food Notes > Cooking recipe