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Gualtiero Marchesi: seize the day

End of August, Franciacorta. The total love of a second. All the rest is trivial

Gualtiero Marchesi

The world is for bastards. Let’s call them with their name

The whole truth. Felice Modica doesn’t neglect any particular: the politically-correct names disgust me


Only a virgin could give us the extra virgin oil

Marino Niola tells us about the mythological exploits of Athena. It was a popular jury panel, mostly composed of women, to decree the success of the shrewd and chaste daughter of Zeus


Edgar Lee Masters:"What's that, free-will or what?"

Oh many times did Ernets Hyde and I argue about the freedom of the will

L. C.

Have I the honour to speak with an expert in Agriculture?

In the novel Un uomo di carattere Paola Capriolo stages the geometric laws of order and limit against the chaotic violence of Nature

L. C.

I had a good and happy goat

The captivating prose by Mo Yan, author of the extraordinary and intense novel Big Breasts and Wide Hips

L. C.

The roundness of sex

Greediness? It can be a seduction tool. Who said that fat people have worst performances than slim people?


That’s my son! That’s my son!

Elsa Wertman, Spoon River: "I was a peasant girl from Germany, blue-eyed, rosy, happy and strong"


Robert Frost: to earthward

I long for weight and strength to feel the earth as rough to all my length


William Butler Yeats: down by the salley gardens...

An intense and evocative poetry of the great poet Dublin, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1923

L. C.

They eyes look to me mild. Out of maize & air

A feeling lyric by the American John Berryman da Homage to Mistress Bradstreet

L. C.

Katherine Mansfield: the flowers petals fold

"There's a gold sheen on these flower petals as they fold more truly mine, more like to my desire"

L. C.

Walt Whitman: "Be not afraid of my body"

“I am the poet of the Body and I am the poet of the Soul”

L. C.

Edgar Lee Masters: “Is your soul alive? Then let it feed!”

Leave no balconies where you can climb; nor milk-white bosoms where you can rest; nor wine cups while the wine is sweet

L. C.

People do not dress anymore. They disguise

Walking around the city with the poet Maurizio Cucchi, among cigarette stubs, pants at the knees and post-modern beggars

Maurizio Cucchi

The patience of animals

The poet Giampiero Neri, great observer and bard of nature, discusses about the intelligence of dogs

Giampiero Neri

Violent, unbridled, wild and repulsive sex

Unbeknown to us, in our bedrooms incredible and terrible rapes take place. In comparison, Sodoma looks like the Vatican

L. C.

Valerio Magrelli: the embrace

As you rest beside me, I lean over and by your face I catch hold of sleep the way one wick catches hold of another wick's flame


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