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The roundness of sex

Greediness? It can be a seduction tool. Who said that fat people have worst performances than slim people?

Willy Pasini

As the Philadelphia psychiatrist Henry Jordan explained, the sexual and alimentary disorders frequently have a common origin in the personality. As the Percy Adlow movie Sugar baby shows, the greediness can be a seduction tool. In the movie, the main character Marianna, employee in a funeral service agency, is ignored by everybody until she meets a sturdy and avid streetcar driver that she holds tight to her by means of desserts.

The sexual life of obese people is exactly the same as other people and it is sometimes better than that of slim people. As a matter of fact, in some diets the ascetic component of the treatment brings a decrease of sexual desire together with the decrease of alimentary desire. But, in general, there are no meaningful differences between the slim and fat people sexual habits.

Obese female adolescents make sex as the slim ones, but they usually don’t want to take their lingerie off, or they ask for a dark room to do that.

When the sexual life is problematic, more than the weight it is important the self-confidence. The difficulty in making sex in some positions, for instance, can be easily ride over, but the symbolic value of that should not be forgotten. If obese men like the oral sex it is not just for their problems in moving in the bed, but also for the poor will to go over their psychological passivity, in a sort of hidden Pasha syndrome.

Willy Pasini

Source: Willy Pasini, Il cibo e l'amore, Mondadori, 1994

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