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I had a good and happy goat

The captivating prose by Mo Yan, author of the extraordinary and intense novel Big Breasts and Wide Hips

Mo Yan

I had a very good goat; it followed me closely, without being left behind a single step. It fell many times, as well, but it was very fast to get up. My mother had an idea to protect its hairless nipples. She covered them with a bundle of white stuff that she tied behind the back with two knots. To keep the temperature stable, she threaded in the bundle two rabbit hides. These hides remembered us the period of the crazy love of Sha Yueliang. The goat’s eyes were full of tears for the emotion. From its nose a whining rose; this was the goats’ language. It had a chilblain at the ears. The four legs were dark pink; they looked like ice sculptures or jade artworks. From the time we thought that system to keep its needles warm, it was a happy goat.

Mo Yan

Source: Mo Yan, Big Breasts and Wide Hips:

by L. C.
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