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Have I the honour to speak with an expert in Agriculture?

In the novel Un uomo di carattere Paola Capriolo stages the geometric laws of order and limit against the chaotic violence of Nature

“If you would grant Ursula’s wish, perhaps also the garden would derive some benefit from it. Birds eat insects and larvae and they wipe the parasites out. Their utility is definitively bigger than the damages they can provoke”.
“Nobody will ever convince me that from two disorders an order can be born. But I didn’t know to have the honour to speak with an expert in Agriculture”.
“Staying so much in the countryside…”
“Do you believe to have learnt something from it? It can be, but your idea of Nature is still so romantic; with slush, believe me, you can’t go far. You are a painter, so you should know how much the coldness is necessary to hit one’s marks”.
“I already told you that I’m an amateur”.
“That’s probably because you are still unable to control you pulses. I think to have deepened my knowledge in the last months too, and not only about agriculture”.

Paola Capriolo

Text from: Paola Capriolo, Un uomo di carattere, Bompiani edition, Milan, 1996

by L. C.
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