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The world is for bastards. Let’s call them with their name

The whole truth. Felice Modica doesn’t neglect any particular: the politically-correct names disgust me

Felice Modica

The world is for bastards. In all the senses. Let’s call them with their name, because I hate the politically-correct names.
I don’t think that a blind man would suffer less if we call him “visually handicapped”.
Bastards are smarter, cleverer, stronger and harder. They survive the dangers of street and life.
They are flesh, blood and fresh genes, not spoiled by consanguinity and by the man that tries to play the demiurge role, creating new races.
Even literature is in debt with bastards. They inspired some of the best dog-loving pages ever.

Felice Modica

Text from: Felice Modica, Beware of dog (and of the owner), Free Hunt National Association

by T N
02 august 2010, Food Notes > Food Tourism