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Gualtiero Marchesi: seize the day

End of August, Franciacorta. The total love of a second. All the rest is trivial

End of August, Franciacorta (IT), around one hour before the sunset. The sun gilds the countryside; it is less hot and the shadows are darker.
After a very hot day I noticed two German clients, father and son, set at a table ordering some sparkling bubbles. The sky was gaining that vivid blue of the dry days.
Besides cicadas, I could hear the birds waiting for the evening fresh air.
I went close and welcoming them I pointed at the two nice, fresh and sparkling glasses.
That’s the best moment of the evening, I told them; they understood me and we shared that subtle enthusiasm. The total love of a second, the well-being given, at the sunset, by a frozen glass.
All the rest is trivial.

by Gualtiero Marchesi
06 september 2010, Food Notes > Food Tourism