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Men are less and less virile

We don’t need always-erect males, but sensitive, brave and understanding people, as Guido Ceronetti says

Guido Ceronetti

According to the statistics, plaintive oracles of Western countries, the men are less and less virile. This can be true, but a mass virility consisting in the number of erected tails is a mean stuff. Nowadays women, that have a less gross idea of it than half of the XX century, Baudelaire or Stendhal, could face some of it with less anxiety; the obsession of Pavese would not result in a tragic funnel. The male and the female worlds will slowly lose their strict boundaries.
We don’t need always-erect males but sensitive, brave and understanding people. The forced virility brings to the tube rapists. The mentally virile men could be more than the others and with more ability to love but still considered impotent by the obtuse statistics of andrology.

Guido Ceronetti

From: Guido Ceronetti, Insetti senza frontiere. Pensieri del Filosfo Ignoto, Adelphi, Milano 2009

by T N
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