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A too small penis? Rub it with oil

The Perfumed Garden for the entertainment of the spirit of Sheikh Nefzaoui makes full light on the Eastern erotic world, with many surprises

In the Nineteen century the West discovered the Eastern erotic world, also revealing it to Eastern people, who did not suspect the peculiar interest of it. Until that moment all the attention was captured by the Greek and Roman eroticism (…) .

In 1850 Baron R…, captain of staff in Algiers, translated an Arabic manuscript of the sixteenth century, called The Perfumed Garden for the entertainment of the spirit, a work written around the year 950 of the Muslim calendar by Sheikh Nefzaoui who lives in Tunis, at the request of the vizier Mohammed ben ez Ouano Zouaoui.

Sheik Nefzaoui (...) explains the causes of pleasure in sex, tells stories about women's tricks and betrayal, suggests remedies for impotence and sterility, and methods to induce abortion. He recommends the man with a too small penis some ways to increase the size (to rub it, for example, with oil where leeches had been cooked) and through which dietary become a tireless lover, such as Abu el Heidja, that in a night deflowered four hundred and twenty maidens after eating chickpeas and drinking camel's milk mixed with honey.

Excerpt from: Alexandrian, Storia della letteratura erotica, Rusconi, Milano 1994

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