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Can the nutritious food be also good?

Diet reveals the distinctive characters of a culture. Here is an anecdotes by the world famous Fosco Maraini, Italian writer, anthropologist and orientalist. He passed in 2004 in Florence, the same city where he was born in 1912

The food tells a lot about a culture. When I was a child, during an absence of my parents, an English uncle of mine came to stay with us. Answering to my complaints for her really horrible cuisine, she said something astonishing for me:

“My dear boy, food must not taste good.”

The food is there to nourish us, not to be good: this is a typical point of view of the Protestant cultures, completely incomprehensible for a Catholic. Because for a Catholic there are abstinences from food, but only in limited periods there are abstinences from meat or good stuff; and also in these periods a good seasoning is not a sin.

Fosco Maraini

by T N
05 september 2011, Food Notes > Food Tourism