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In the vineyard and the cellar everything will always be the same

A concert of yeasts, sugars and carbon oxide. In the following, the
pleasure of grape harvesting in a story by Nicoletta Bocca. It is a
short moment of fullness

At a certain point during grape harvesting there are moment like this
one, when everything is done, the fermentation procedures are started
and the buckets and the pumps are clean, and you decide to stay there,
in the cellar, contemplating the vintage you just made. The others go
away and after a bit, what you believed to be silence, is full of a
deep and sacred hum. This is fermentation.

Every tank decides its hum and it is pointless to fight it. It is like
an astonishing sound that goes everywhere, pushing on the cellar
vaults. It is the strength of life which transform; it is something we
normally can?t feel, while busy in our busy lives, but which is always

This lasts just few days. You have just few days to feel the fullness
of this sound that reminds you that everything will go on forever,
with or without us. This experience is no saddening though, but it is
reassuring, since you understand that you have a position in the
eternal cycle of life.

Then you go home, since the idea of eternity made you hungry. You cook
Chinese with the fish you got from the Sicilian fisherman and you open
a bottler of Heimbourg by Zind Humbrecht of 1998. At the end, you
deserve it: you, the concert of yeasts, sugars and carbon oxide, the
vintage in the cellar, the people you are thinking to and you are
forgiving everything to and that, in the background, participate like
you of this beatitude.

by T N
07 november 2011, Food Notes > Food Tourism