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Violent, unbridled, wild and repulsive sex

Unbeknown to us, in our bedrooms incredible and terrible rapes take place. In comparison, Sodoma looks like the Vatican

(…) In nature, sexual violence episodes that look like the worst horror movies take place.

(…) From this viewpoint, the most violent creature is the bedbug, that reproduce itself through a “traumatic intercourse” (Adrian Forsyth). In particular, the male uses its big pointed penis as a lance and it pierces the female in any part of its body flooding its blood with spermatozoon. The male sperm is kept in the female blood until its body, strengthened by the human blood, produces the eggs. A part of the sperm is used as nourishment and digested.

The bedbug males neither stop in front of other males, injecting sperm also in their bodies. Inside its body, spermatozoon reach the spermatic duct of the victim’s body. Hence, when the latter rapes another female, it transmits its aggressor sperm.

The British ethologist Howard Ewans was shocked by these behaviours: “Looking at the scenario of these bedbugs that enjoy while waiting for the next blood-based meal, i.e., that intercourse at pleasure and independently from sex, transmitting nourishment through the sperm, Sodoma looks like the Vatican”.

(…) Some females also counterattack. So, for example, the giant bug grasps two or four males and glues its eggs on their bodies, notwithstanding a violent resistance.

Michael Miersch

Text from: Michael Miersch, Das bizarre Sexualleben der Tiere (The scandalous sex life of animals. All the curiosities and oddities in love from the eel to the zebra):

by L. C.
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