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People do not dress anymore. They disguise

Walking around the city with the poet Maurizio Cucchi, among cigarette stubs, pants at the knees and post-modern beggars

Folks from cities: why the hell the Italian cities became garages and ashtrays? And, as for the latter, why whenever I drop a piece of paper, a bus ticket, a candy paper, I correctly feel guilty but smokers drop their stubs on the street without any care of it? Dear smokers, feel free to smoke but not to submerge the passers with your rubbish! Put your cigarettes out in your pockets and let us and the city be!

Nowadays young people often not dress but disguise him. Why? Is it a game or an irony to wear pants at the level of knees? Or is the new fashion wearing the napkin under the trousers?

I see, a bit amazed and amused, but without judging obviously, a new kind of beggars that I'd call post-modern beggars. Two examples: a male and a female. The first: a distinguished gentleman that begs leaned against a wall while eating an ice-cream. The second: an elderly woman seated on the ground that waits some change with extra-long and shining red nails.

by Maurizio Cucchi
06 july 2009, Food Notes > Food Tourism