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Agricultural markets and the Great Depression: lessons from the past

Seventy five years ago, the publication of John Steinbeck's novel The Grapes of Wrath shocked the world with its description of starvation in the midst of plenty. Phd candidate Rasheed Saleuddin is re-evaluating established views of the causes of the Great Depression and argues that there are lessons to be learned today

S. C.

The Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Handbook

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Handbook provides a complete account of olive oil’s
composition, health properties, quality, and the legal standards surrounding its

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Complete guide for growing plants hydroponically

This new book offers valuable information for the commercial grower, the researcher, the hobbyist, and the student interested in hydroponics

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How to understand the olive oil market? With "Olive Oil Sensory Science"

This book is an invaluable resource for olive oil scientists, product development and marketing personnel on the role of sensory evaluation in relation to current and future market trends

Alberto Grimelli

Water soluble fertilizers market trends & forecasts to 2018

Water soluble fertilizers market by types (nitrogenous, phosphatic, potassic, micronutrients), applications, (fertigation, foliar application), crop types (field, horticultural, turf & ornamentals) and geography

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Overcoming smallholder challenges with biotechnology

From breeding to bugs, a new FAO publication looks at biotechnologies at work in small-scale crop, livestock and fish production

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Exploring the Garden with the Little Rose

A funny book that is both entertaining and educational is a true win for both parent and child

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Sharon Delarose releases An Acre of America Backyard Nature Series

You don't need to look past your own back yard to discover bizarre and colorful insects, plants and animals. This photoblog series highlights a single acre in Georgia, USA with photos, stories, myths and legends

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Short stories from rural Scotland

An easy to read book, about life in Rural Scotland. True stories from memories of the Author’s childhood

S. C.

The beauty of olive groves, the deliciousness of Ligurian oils

In some areas of Italy, the purchase of a bottle of extra virgin olive oil is an ethical choice. Pouring a drop of olive oil from Liguria means to defend the landscape

Maria Carla Squeo

Spotlight on Gluten: the sudden interest in gluten

Anyone who has had gluten sensitivity will want to read this eye-opening book about what’s contained in the food we eat

S. C.

Following Olive Footprint

The International Olive Council presents a book for discovering cultivation and culture, folklore and history, traditions and uses

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