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eBook simplifies the art of creating sushi recipes

Japan Food Channel recently released "How to Make Sushi". The free book features sushi recipes that are practical and easy for the average person to make at home

S. C.

“About Liguria” for planning the perfect trip to Liguria

“About Liguria” is a practical online travel guide for discovering each side of this beautiful Italian region by the Mediterranean Sea

S. C.

Some herbal agents could prevent sunburn

Golden serpent fern and Asian ginseng, when taken orally, may reduce the local and systemic negative effects of UV light exposure

S. C.

Smell is a suave, elusive, sensual sense

Hans Schnier, protagonist of one of Heinrich Böll’s novels, used to smell perfumes, aromas and scents, a mix of absolutely intangible fragrances, impossible to transmit and to distinguish even in presence of the source itself

Paola Cerana

Feuerbach, mixed salad, eroticism and sex

Fruit and vegetables deserve devotion and admiration, and they have always inspired artists, scholars and even scientists. Every fruit of nature is a nature masterpiece in miniature, unique for form, size and color

Paola Cerana

Beauty and goodness of vegetables is in their colors

The organic concept of health, focused on quantity and substance of inputs we ingest and digest, is today integrated by a more spiritual and holistic concept, based on quality, hidden virtues and intrinsic properties of food

Paola Cerana

Sex, pills and peppermint

Patriarchal societies tested men with their excessive adoration for virility and its symbols. Now Viagra and others revolutionized male sexuality. Why surrender to chemistry?

Paola Cerana

Why an olive tree? Asks Porphyry

The evergreen tree represents the highest lesson of the life: to fight for the good and to honor the pietas. And it assumes also an esoteric message: during the summer the olive tree turns the white part of the leaves to the sky, while during the winter it turns it to the soil

Nicola Dal Falco

The G20 of ministers of agriculture? Ultraconservative policies prevail

Too much noise for nothing. No concrete help to strengthen the agricultural policies of poor countries have been included in the agenda. Therefore, the only hypothesis against the financial speculation on food, has regarded the definition of limits to trading positions. Contradictions of Europe, which fights hunger only with words

Alfonso Pascale

New training toolkit for medicinal plants

This is based on the guidelines for Good Agriculture and Collection Practices for medicinal plants that were developed by the World Health Organization

S. C.

Come on! Why don’t we accept our inner ape?

We allow improbable virtual relationships to charm us, rather than fully enjoying the real ones; we eat the products of the Earth taken from the cylinders of the wizards of chemistry, rather than by the sweat of the farmers. It seems incredible that we still need to discuss to show that the Darwinian theory of evolution is correct

Paola Cerana

The good side of agriculture has a social soul

We are all called to change. We cannot be prisoners of egoism forever. There are individuals able to create durable relationships, characterized by responsibility towards the common good, but also by gratuity and freedom in their own daily activites. A dialogue with Alfonso Pascale

Luigi Caricato

Finding peace after pet loss

Animal-loving writers are invited to submit their pet-related short stories to the fourth round of the Petlitzer Prize Contest

S. C.

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