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How good the lake oil is!

An illustrated book by the oleologist Luigi Caricato about the prestigious oil productions of the Garda Lake (North of Italy) has just been published

Maria Carla Squeo

Bad fats and good fats

We need to keep in mind that not all fats are the same. A book by Ulrich Strunz and Andreas Jopp gives some suggestions for choosing the right foods and keep a healthy body and mind

L. C.

Genes and allergens. Allergy to Gmo?

The challenge to uncertainties, lack of confidence and human prejudice. After last week intervention, Paola Cerana writes again of a hot topic. The transgenic research? It has opened a door wide to a marvelous, invisible universe

Paola Cerana

Every nation on Earth has the right to its own rural development

Hunger is not an ineluctable fatality, but an unacceptable reality, as stated by the Italian Minister for Agricultural Policies Giancarlo Galan during his speech at the 36th session of Fao food security committee

Giancarlo Galan

Children will be the chroniclers of extra virgin olive oil

A new project from the Association City of Oil to involve kids on the themes of oil. The event will take place within the IXth edition of Bimboil


A voice for the olive oil

What helps the voice of a famous international singer? The olive oil. Selena Gomez, the 17 years old star of teenagers, promotes the olive oil

S. C.

The dark side of pleasure. It is fatal attraction

Its color is dark, black and shiny. It is hard, tenacious and resistant to the touch. There are not so much things that are able to stimulate all the five senses in a passionate symphony of pleasure. But it can

Paola Cerana

The deep-water wine at record prizes

The 6,500 bottles of spumante wined for thirteen months under the water were recently recovered. They will be sold for Christmas


The golden juice of the olive oil, between legend and reality

Chemistry and culture. An entire chapter of the book by Penny Le Couteur and Jay Burreson is dedicated to oleic acid, blood of the societies arose around the Mediterranean Sea and the oil. Paola Cerana tells us about the molecules that changed history

Paola Cerana

City vs. Countryside. A close relationship without conflicts

This was the state of affairs at least until the year 1000. A complete recent study by the Italian Study Center for Middle Ages clarify the relationship between these two worlds nowadays so distant

Luigi Caricato

The oil cures the body and the soul

History reports many evidences of the thaumaturgic properties of oils. In a novel the story of a miraculously cured Franciscan friar

Carlotta Baltini Roversi

Nature can always get rid of itself, re-establishing its equilibrium

“Nature is a great heritage that we alas trample, as if it didn’t belong us”, the thriller and noir novel writer Gianni Farinetti says

Luigi Caricato

Gualtiero Marchesi. One master, many different stories

An exhibition dedicated to the unrivaled protagonist of our gastronomic scene in Milan, until June 20th. The most renowned cooks have been influenced by him without being his copies. The example, in the end, is the highest form of teaching

Monica Sommacampagna

Wine as a message of peace

A cooperation between the Entrepreneurs for Peace Association and the Agricultural Association of Siena produces a wine which is a “symbol of peace and reconciliation”

Monica Sommacampagna

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