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Bianca Garavelli: too many youngsters abandoning the country

According to the famous writer, a scholar of Dante Alighieri and author of intense novels, the mirage of an easier life pushes youth away from rural life

Luigi Caricato

Scientific and spiritual impulses for the progress of agriculture

In this book Rudolf Steiner introduces the reader to a very original vision of agriculture which he formulated during a series of conferences he held in the June of 1924

Luigi Caricato

The passionate olive

A passional book, by Carol Firenze. An introduction to olive oil world, because this precious pure fruit juice has lot of uses

Alberto Grimelli

Giacomo Tachis: "The good wine is open minded”

The creator of many celebrated Tignanello e Sassicaia tells us about the price of wines, the addition of sugar, the choice of steel, wood or concrete, the use of additives and more

Alberto Grimelli

Antonio Riccardi: “Our roots are still part of us”

The progressive abandon of the country – says the poet – has been for many the abandon of a lifestyle, seen as outdated with respect to modernity, as immobile, perpetual and of great fatigue

Luigi Caricato

Ligustro, the chemist of great artistic intuitions

From the time he left for health reasons the oil world, he entered the art world becoming one of the main living artists of polychrome xylography

Luigi Caricato

A catalogue of writes and books on the rural world

A can’t-miss list of titles for the lovers of the agricultural world and of country life and its complex dynamics

Luigi Caricato

Immigrants the first Europe farmers

Europeans couldn't solely be the descendents of either the hunter-gatherer or the first farmers but a mixture of those two groups

S. C.

The dignity of farming according to John Paul II

The job of farmers in the encyclical Laborem exercens. The voice of the great Pontiff in the famous encyclical published in 1981


The pleasure of invisible. To heal from the evil of the world

The hope, the crisis of identity, the transmigration of people, the deterioration of the communication media and of society. Monsignor Ersilio Tonini, a master of our times. “We are condemned to follow ethics”

Luigi Caricato

The passion of Don Giovanni Bosco for wine

Now the majors of the Monferrato region and the viticulturists of Piemonte ask to make the Italian Saint Protector of viticulture

Sarah Scaparone

Giancarlo Vitali. Visiting the artist

Portait of an painter: "I take a brush, I have a suggestive subject and paint. I don’t set myself anything as a goal, nor least of all do I start from a visualized thought or an inspiration, precisely, arriving from the kingdom of Arts”

Leonardo Castellucci

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