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The lights of Caravaggio on Bacchus

The research for reality through details. Marcella Farinaro comments the famous painting of one of the most famous artist in the history of art. She emphasizes the red wine goblet

Marcella Farinaro

Georgics, a very classic of agricultural literature

Virgil widens the agricultural world problems and he is able to move also the today-reader through his warnings and his visions


A new format for a wine guide: a format that pin to ethics

The revival of excellence production under the sign of “healthy, good and fair”. According to Luca Bandirali, sommelier, the way to success in definitively voted to quality

Luigi Caricato

Mario Rigoni Stern: "Everything goes so fast that there is no time to meditate anymore”

The famous author of the novel “Il sergente nella neve”(The sergeant in the snow) reckons that our contemporary world is made for consuming and that an immoderate consumption exhausts nature, too

Luigi Caricato

Alberto Bevilacqua: “Farmers are the heroic soul of a people”

The rurality – according to the author of the famous novel “La Califfa” (The Caliph’s wife) – is the secret garden where people seek refuge to find defense from chaos

Luigi Caricato

The clairvoyance of Giuseppe Pontiggia

Six years after his death, in Milan the June 27th 2003, we remember him through one of his most fascinating novels: Nati due volte

Yrja Cecilia Haglund Croce

Laura Bosio: “What about the countryside people? Rough and silent, but they laugh”

She wrote a novel set in rice fields. “From the rural world, the writer says, I learnt the idea of weariness and determination. And the sense of freedom, too”

Luigi Caricato

The rurality against the homologation of urban societies

In the countryside, looking not only for lost tastes and smells, but also for satisfying the eternal desire of self knowledge. The route of “Via Francigena” in Italy let discover the essence of the places it crosses

Alfonso Pascale

What about the man? He is more inclined to good than to evil

The writer Maurizio Cucchi comments on two extraordinary books by Albert Camus: L’étranger and La peste

Maurizio Cucchi

A Megalith Site for Prehistoric Grape Growing

Varchignoli, a high Piedmont Northern Italy village, is a fascinating evidence confirming ancient peoples’ technical skill in a passage period between the Bronze and the Iron Age

Daniele Bordoni, Silvia Ruggieri

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