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Easter celebrations

Easter is an event in the Christian liturgical calendar. Every nation has its history, Easter traditions and recipes

R. T.

Why is Edward Bunker so good?

Every experience is a struggle, a conquer. Ex-criminal and writer, Edward Bunker has a true dimension, which is usually so difficult to get nowadays

Maurizio Cucchi

Sexually active and seductive at any cost!

Interview with the sexologist Jole Baldaro Verde. There are too many expectancies, it is necessary to be careful. Today male teenagers are in crisis because they would like a more aggressive penis, not a small one!

Antonella Casilli

The first cocktail arose in Mesopotamia 5,000 years ago

A sort of grog was probably drank by Etrurians, a population that knew vine before than Greek arrived in Italy


Charter for the renaissance of rural areas

The original liberties of small farmers and indigenous people. Basic tenets, natural duties, natural rights of small farmers and indigenous people


How much is the value?

US food production grown in greenhouses is certainly important but not so important

S. C.

Back to the future. A journey back in time discovering ancient wines

An excursus among archeological findings from Georgia to Greece, from Sicily to Sardinia, until Valpolicella

Monica Sommacampagna

Sossio Giametta: agriculture remains the true oil of humanity

The considerations of one of the main expert of Friedrich Nietzsche philosophy: “Men want to travel without baggage. They prefer lightheartedness and oblivion”

Luigi Caricato

Reading Don DeLillo and Paul Auster

Too many intellectual forcing, neither convincing. “I’m going through a crisis period with the American fiction”, Maurizio Cucchi admits. “Simenon is better”

Maurizio Cucchi

The oil from Molise: a breathing live body

A book by Luigi Caricato about an Italian region endowed with an ancient oil tradition. Protagonists: the territory and its inhabitants

Antonella Casilli

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