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Sir Thomas Browne the artist and the scientist

New and old philosophy, arts and sciences, he was a character living in two different worlds leaving us new surprising points of view, casting a different light over known things

Daniele Bordoni

The charm of the underground cellars of Pitigliano

The distinct architectonic characters, the varied forms. Everything contained in a deep hole in the tuff, in the Maremma, Tuscany

S. C.

The deep sense of things and time in Faulkner

The poet Maurizio Cucchi reviews two masterpieces of the great American writer: the wonderful Absalome, Absalome! and The Sound and the Fury

Maurizio Cucchi

The look of Giampiero Neri on the Nature

By the masterly use of metaphors, the author of Teatro Naturale lets him down in the secret mechanisms that regulate the behaviors and the vicissitudes of people and societies

Luigi Caricato

Goodbye George Schneeman, "peasant" in the soul

He lived by the great protagonist of the season, beat poetry and has never seen the art work, but a way to survive day after day. It remained this way: an artist of worship

Stefano Tesi

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