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The passionate olive

A passional book, by Carol Firenze. An introduction to olive oil world, because this precious pure fruit juice has lot of uses

Not only a book, also a romance, in witch the author accompanies us to an introduction of olive oil world.

Not a boring or academic book, also if it’s possible to meet a lot of quality information, but a story, arriving only at the end to suggest how to find your favourite olive oil and other useful advices.

Before the reader can be surprised by the lot of things people can do with olive oil.
Not only eating, not only recipes but also beauty tips, cares for pets, arriving to some funny hints, as to clean with olive oil, how to organize a olive oil party till to the most intimate “use it to enchance sexual pleasure”.

Especially funny the descriptions how to use the olive oil to clean, for example for males who always think all oils can only muck up.
An example? For cleaning pewter, mix ½ cup of olive oil with two tablespoons of baking soda. Dip a dry cloth into the mixture and rub the cloth onto the pewter and the spots will disappear.

In the book there are constant references to the history but not for this reason Carol Firenze forgot to give readers a picture of importance of olive oil in the Mediterranean region.
Not only ancient Greece and Roman, olive oil has been used to defend kingdoms (boiling and poured from castle walls), anoint kings and treat physical ailments.

Olive oil can be used everywhere but traditional one is kitchen.
Carol Firenze so guides to how to aptly create flavored oils, how to make sauces, and how to fry, bake and preserve food with olive oil. There’s even a list of ways to substitute olive oil for other ingredients.

A useful book written by a professional. Carol Firenze is a board member of the California Olive Council, and received her Olive Oil Consultant certificate from the Itailian Culiary Institute in New York. She also holds a doctorate in education from the University of San Francisco.

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by Alberto Grimelli
05 october 2009, Food Notes > Miscellanea