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A catalogue of writes and books on the rural world

A can’t-miss list of titles for the lovers of the agricultural world and of country life and its complex dynamics (2. To be continued)

BONAVIRI Giuseppe. Il sarto della stradalunga: hopes and disappointment, misery and rare joys: through the life of a tailor from a small village in Sicily, the author portrays the farming life, with the addition of fantastic inventions.
<La contrada degli ulivi: a thick dialogue between humans and things, in an atmosphere of natural confidence, almost a chant resonating with ancient comforting lullabies.

BUCK Pearl S. (Nobel prize 1938) The good Earth: this is the story of a poor Chinese farmer who becomes a rich owner little by little, although he always remains faithful to the land.

CALVINO Italo. Il barone rampante: the marvelous adventures of the baron Cosimo Piovasco di Rondò, who climbed up a tree not to obey his parents anymore, who never got down from there. It is the second volume in the trilogy “Our ancestors”.
Marcovaldo. Ovvero le stagioni in città: in the middle of the concrete of the town, Marcovaldo goes looking for Nature, but he only finds an artificial and counterfeit Nature. Twenty tales which follow a typical narrative structure, the same of comics for children.

CAMPANILE Achille. In campagna è un’altra cosa: radiant dawns and harrowing sunsets, fireworks and youth loves, amateur painters and beginner hunters, stolen kisses and strangled sighs. Stories with a sizzling humor.

CAMON Ferdinando. Un altare per la madre: the unforgettable portrait of a woman, a farmer from Veneto, whose gestures and habits are absolutely exemplary. To honor her memory, her husband builds with his own hands a chapel and an altar, with the copper donated by the neighbors. The dead comes back to life in the memory and common faith.
Mai visti sole e luna: the story of a farming community since the days of the German occupation till today. A voice from the “choir of the losers” that tells those days of fury and terror, in a bitter and ferocious story about a “race”, or “civilization”, which dies in oblivion.
La vita eterna: a novel on farmers and partisans, where the memory of the alive are mixed with those of the dead, the beasts with the humans, the real slaughters of the war with the feared upheaval, the superstition with the tales, the hunger with the thirst for supernatural.


by L. C.
02 november 2009, Food Notes > Miscellanea