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Frying and Eros. An overwhelming passion

Double meaning words. A new dictionary recently published in Italy makes of frying a metaphor of privates

Who could say that frying and, in general, all that can be fried can be considered as a metaphor of male and female genital organs? All the same, in the Historic dictionary of Italian erotic lexicon (Tea edition, Italy), by Valter Boggione and Giovanni Casalegno, the term “fritter” (fritola in Venetian dialect), associated to the image of a grease and holed doughnut, can be used to indicate the female genitals, as can be read in the novel Libera nos a malo by Luigi Meneghello. There you can read: “So, you can gossip on the ass but not on the fritola (fritter)”. In the same way it was used in one of the famous poems by Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli: “Noantri fijacci de mignotta / dimo... / sorca, vaschetta, fodero, frittella” (We, sons of a bitch, say… fanny, tray, sheath or fritter). Moreover, the word fritola can also be used to indicate a jilt, an easy girl.

The fried food, as a metaphor for indicating the testicles, was instead used the first time by the Milanese poet Carlo Porta: Oh quanti parentell han tiraa in pee / per nominà i cojon! Gh’han ditt / ... / frittur (How many similarities they use for calling the balls! They say… fried food). According to the interpretation of Dante Isella, reported by Boggione and Casalegno, this metaphor links to the use of frying the testicles of the butchered animals.

Also the term omelets is used to indicate the mixture of genders, which is actually obtained by mixing different ingredients.

by Luigi Caricato
07 december 2009, Food Notes > Miscellanea