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A catalogue of writes and books on the rural world

A can’t-miss list of titles for the lovers of the agricultural world and of country life and its complex dynamics (3. To be continued)

CAPRIOLO Paola. Un uomo di carattere: the central element is the intricate garden of an aristocratic family where Daniela Bausa spends her time in the esthetic contemplation of the tangle of plants that the new owner intends to transform into a masterpiece. The two become friends, until the arrival of another woman, a real beauty, who will transform the metaphor they live in.

CHATWIN Bruce. On the Black Hill: this is the story of the long life of two identical twins. For eighty years, they eat the same food, wear the same clothes, sleep in the same bad, whirl the axe with the same gesture. They live in “The Vision” farm, on the frontier between Wales and England, in a severe and scarcely populated environment. The twins cannot leave that house and those places, just like they could not separate one from the other. A magic circle embraces their lives, and the events of the outside world reverberate inside.

CRONIN Archibald J. The Spanish Gardener: an extraordinary gardener takes a child away from his father, showing him a sunny world of spontaneity, that had been negated to him so far.

DELEDDA Grazia (Nobel prize 1926). Canne al vento: the severe Sardinian landscape, a primitive world, a decrepit house. The story of the Pintor sisters, unmarried and alone, and of their faithful farmer Efix, guardian of a terrible secret.
Cenere: seduced and abandoned by a servant farmer, a woman fights to the extreme sacrifice for the defense of her son.
Colombi e sparvieri: the contrasted love between two youngsters from different social classes: she is a rich land owner, he is a poor shepherd. Hate and resentment on the background of a wild and enchanting nature.
L’incendio nell’oliveto: in a fairytale representation of the Sardinian country, the fragile and feverish theme of youth love that vanishes with the first true difficulties of life.

DESSI’ Giuseppe. Paese d’ombre: the struggle of a land owner with the absurd, ancestral laws of his country, and against all forms of modern speculation.




by L. C.
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